Monday, July 16, 2007


I made bacang again yesterday, thanks to my aunt I can do it now, it isn't perfect yet like her though.
Some of the reader from my blog asked me about the video of it, since I am having problem to download , you all can check this side, the video of making bacang from here very good and clear,
I put whole bird eyed chillies ( cabe rawit ) inside each bacang.

1 kg glutinous rice ( soak in water for 2 hours)
2 1/2 pounds ground meat
6 dry shitake mushroom
10 shallots
6 clove of garlics
10 spring onions
10 spoon sweet black soya sauce
2 spoon light soya sauce
pepper, salt and sugar
bird eyes chili ( whole)
1.add the oil into the wok, put 3 cloves of garlic, cook until fragrant, add the soak glutinous rice after you drain the water, add light soya sauce, salt, stir until mix, but still raw, take out from the wok
2. add the oil stir shallot, garlic, meat, ground meat, sweet soya sauce, light soya sauce,pepper, salt, sugar, spring onions until caramelized and done ( this for the filling inside it)

the fresh thing
more radical things...

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SAFPM said...

What beautiful photos of bacang! My mom's friend made some recently, and I'm having it for lunch now. I wanted to have my co-workers understand what it is, and I stumbled upon your blog. Nice work!